Starting Smart
You have an idea for a business but not sure what to do next? In this session we will learn more about the entrepreneurial mindset needed for success, top business ideas, creating a business online and then how to ensure that the business will be viable.  

About the Presenter

Andrea Rowland, Business Advisor (BACD) Business Advisory Centre Durham

Andrea has over 20 years of professional experience in marketing, branding and communications working in the UK, Australia, New Zealand and Canada. Having worked her way around the world as a graphic designer, she started a craft brewery in Australia giving her hands-on knowledge of running a business. Previously working at Spark Centre in Oshawa, she helped build their brand from inception. Recently she has been running her own branding and marketing business B-Zinga. Now working at BACD as a business advisor with a focus on marketing, she is very keen to share her knowledge with new business owners helping them create a better digital presence. Having moved her from Australia, she now lives in Oshawa with her Canadian husband and 2 Australian-born children.